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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers


How will you find potential buyers/renters for my property?

  • Its 2021, I want to move in the direction of the alluring social media with a militant marketing strategy focusing on the Proper target market. Next, listing your photogenic property through the entrusted MLS which broadcast statewide converting prospects to principals.

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What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

  • The percentage of the final home sale price is typically 3% of the selling price. This percentage is typically paid from the seller[the seller is the client transferring the deed and/or title to the buyer]. This price may be negotiable.

Do I need a real estate lawyer as well?

  • Some people hire an attorney early in the process, to handle such matters as reviewing the brokerage contract with a real estate agent, while others wait until the purchase contract is drawn up, or until closing. We recommend seeking legal counsel from legal sources.

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