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Chips Ahoy Oreo Creme Filled Where To Buy

Like the Birthday Cake Chips Ahoys we covered last week, these creme-filled beauts are of the chewy variety, featuring a tiny sliver of sweet Oreo filling encased by a pliable chocolate chip cookie shell. Considering both brands are owned by the same company, you can't help but wonder why Nabsico didn't just stuff the whole Oreo inside, but for the luxury of (almost) not having to do it yourself, it's hard to complain.

chips ahoy oreo creme filled where to buy

Cocoa cookies with chocolate and vanilla filling.The perfect blend between the smoothness of the traditional Ahoy chips with chocolate chips and the smoothness and creaminess of the Oreo cream-filled interior.

Oreos are not for adults, they are not gourmet, they are not dietetic. But as wrong as Oreo Thins are, they are hardly the most egregious variety of the creme-filled sandwich delight out there, as is evidenced by the international selection of Oreo flavors available to cookie monsters everywhere. So hold your fire, purists. Here are 21 far more upsetting Oreos to get furious about. 041b061a72


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