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The Last O.G. - Season 4 ~REPACK~

There will be no fifth season for The Last O.G. The Season 4 finale, which aired on December 21, 2021, will now serve as the series finale for the comedy series starring Tracy Morgan, Deadline has confirmed. (Source:

The Last O.G. - Season 4

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Not only has his former girlfriend Shay (Tiffany Haddish) married to a man he didn't know (Ryan Gaul), but the two are raising twins that Tray also didn't know about. The Last OG season 4's finale set up some potentially massive changes, with Tray turning himself over to the police, claiming he was the one who shot his rival Percy (covering up his young protege Javi's responsibility).

Haddish had left the series after its third season, and took some of the show's ratings with her. TVSeriesFinale (opens in new tab) reports that The Last OG was down 43% in the 18-49 demographic, and down by 32% in viewership in the live+same day ratings (which include DVR playback).

But this apparently isn't the cause for The Last OG's fourth season to be its swan song. Deadline's note that TBS had made this call months ago is probably an indicator that the drop in viewership is one of the main problems at hand.

This cancelation leaves Miracle Workers, Chad and American Dad as the last three remaining scripted shows on TBS. Miracle Workers has been granted a fourth (upcoming) season, Chad's second season is scheduled for 2022 and American Dad has two more seasons coming, per a December 2021 renewal. TNT's sole remaining show that will go on is Snowpiercer, which has a fourth season approved. Animal Kingdom's sixth and final season is airing this June.

The first major change is that co-star Tiffany Haddish is likely not to return for season four. The actress had a three-year contract with the show and she has fulfilled that order. The fact that Haddish is in a bit of demand for big screen and other major projects is the main reason being cited for her deciding to not re-sign with the series for a fourth season.

Another reason for The Last O.G. earning a fourth season is that it's still bringing in the viewers that TBS cares about. The show ranks as one of basic cable's top 10 comedies and TBS says the third season, which wrapped in June, has reached 20 million viewers when factoring in linear and digital platforms.

I'm not guiltripping you. I'll let you leave the controversy for now; but we don't know for sure that Enchantix is the final form. They could just be teasing us. I mean, why give them so many upgrades in Believix if they're just going to take them away next season? And for a definite answer on the controversy, ask Sorrel. I'll leave it alone. But Enchantix is spelled with a capital E, not lowercase. Dad, I'm a Fairy! Roxy13 20:31, January 9, 2010 (UTC)Roxy13 041b061a72


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