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[S2E9] Remember Me EXCLUSIVE

As you'll remember, we left Bradley feeling pretty miserable about Hal (her brother) having shown up at the office, clearly under the influence and/or suffering mental health setbacks, making a scene. The next morning, Hal is willing to go to rehab on her dime. When she drops him off, she essentially says that she's cutting him off and doesn't want to hear from him when he gets out. She wishes him well and gives him some money, but as Laura suggested, she's drawing her boundary. He threatens to OD just to prove a point to her, which is pretty agonizing, but she sticks to her guns and drives off.

[S2E9] Remember Me

Alex goes to UBA with her guy Doug (remember they got Will Arnett to come and be her guy even though he barely does anything?). In the meeting with Cory and Stella, Doug tries to sell the idea that it was perfectly fine for Alex to flake off to Italy without telling anyone because she has time off in her contract. Good luck! Cory stresses that Alex is closer than family ("we chose to be related and we'd never pay our family $25 million per"), and the network will support her. But Alex says agreeing to come back was a mistake, and she will be giving the money back and exiting.

Later, Alex goes to Laura's dressing room and starts asking if she remembers a night when they were out together with old colleagues to see some theater. (This is mostly an opportunity to hear Jennifer Aniston try to credibly say the phrase Bring in Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk, which, when spoken the way she does, sounds as awkward coming from her as it would from me, so: solidarity, Jennifer Aniston.) It turns out this is Alex's way of introducing the subject of why Laura doesn't like her anymore. Laura basically says it's because they weren't exactly friends; they were acquaintances, and Alex gossiped about her private life and then dumped her when things got tough.

Yanko has mostly been relegated to his silly cancellation plot this season, but he runs into Claire on the street (remember Claire?) and they decide to hang out. But before long, Claire learns that Yanko plans to go to Mitch's service (as Paige asked), and she can't believe he would go to the memorial service of a person who sexually assaulted Hannah. She's irate, and among other things reveals that she's bankrolling the lawsuit Hannah's dad has filed against the network. She storms off, and so that reunion did not go well.

John Stephens you might remember from other "GG" episodes, like "Emily in Wonderland" and "Forgiveness and Stuff." Apparently, he decided to become a children's author in his post "GG" life, because he has a fantasy trilogy called "The Books of Beginning." It's pretty well-reviewed if you're in the market for that type of thing. His Random House website mentions that he has a dog named Bug, whom I picture like this:

Lex arrives at his anger management class and sees a familiar face - Dr. Bryce. He asks her out, but she turns him down, cryptically saying, "You don't remember me?" Later, he finds her at the hospital, and he does remember- they had an encounter years ago in a Metropolis ER. She accepts his date.

GREG BRYK: I'd say devastating. I work very personally; a lot of times I'll use my kids or my wife, people that I love for moments like that where I need to have a sense of loss. So the greatest compliment I can give is that for Michael, it was just Michael. The moment that I saw him that morning, knowing it was a goodbye of sorts, was just so incredibly hard for me. It was lovely as well, and I just wanted to be there with him. My love for Michael, losing him, was all I needed for that scene. I remember when I first got the script I was reading it and I walked into the back lane and was just sobbing.

MICHAEL: I don't remember what episode it was that I found out, but it was somewhere in the middle of the season. For me, it was nice to know what was going to happen in advance and to try to sculpt the character as best I could to lead to that point. So at that moment when it's all over it hits as hard as possible. That episode was just incredible to work on, there was so much going on for my character; physically and emotionally. As an artist, as an actor, it was nice to know my end and then build back from there.

MICHAEL: That was a tough scene. I remember just being in my trailer and needing a moment to reflect. A lot of the time you finish a scene and reflect back on your performance, but this time that was all there. When we were shooting it all felt very real. When I was dead, I was dead. I was looking into their eyes and I could see that they were losing someone. It took a couple hours that even to gather myself and reflect on that very personal work.

Eleven remembered Hopper reading to her. And not only was it the same book he used to read to his daughter, "Anne of Green Gables," but the passage chosen for the scene was telling. It was a section of the book where Anne describes her state as a orphan to a friend.

Hopper and Eleven entered Hawkins Lab to close the gate to the Upside Down, and found Dr. Owens bleeding in the stairwell. The scene triggered a reminder of a quick flashback Hopper had on season one when remembering his daughter's death.

Moving towards her he assures her they still are. That no matter how much he changes...or how much she changes him, she's his cornerstone. And has been since the first time he laid eyes on her. He tells her he remembers now. He remembers everything. We see Teddy naked in the facility, Arnold bringing him online for the very first time. A young Ford over to the side watching on as Arnold welcomes Teddy to the world, examining his pupil reaction to light. As Teddy looks around him, as per the usual host activation, Arnold asks him does he know where he is? Unlike the other hosts who answer automatically to the question, Teddy's eyes alight on a naked offline Dolores standing in a group of 4 of the earliest hosts. Instantly captivated by her he gives his answer "I'm in a dream". Voicing over the scene as he continues to gaze at her, Teddy tells Dolores how he remembers Ford and Arnold's voices, the chill in the room, but mostly he remembers her. He remembers worrying she was cold. Wanting to reach out. Standing with her in the old ruin, he reaches out, "To touch you," he continues, touching her cheek. Dolores closing her eyes, warming to his touch as always. Smiling as he adds "Protect you." From that day forward, he tells her, he never wanted to leave her side.

Man in Black: (voiceover) No one else sees it. This thing in me. Even I didn't see it at first. And then, one day, it was there. A stain. And the more I thought about it... the more I realized I couldn't remember a time it wasn't there. Invisible to everyone. Except you. You saw right through it, didn't you? When did it creep in? A tiny fleck of darkness. Was it all in my head? Or in a remnant of a dream?

Emily: Do you remember on my sixteenth birthday Mom gave me a jewelry box? When you opened it, a little dancer spun in the center. She had it engraved... on the bottom. It said: "To my beautiful ballerina... Emily" Do you remember what I did with it? I threw it in the trash. I told her if she wasn't drunk all the time she'd know that I hadn't danced in years. And then afterwards, I went to get it back, because I felt bad, but the trash had already been emptied, and it was gone. I pushed her away. And then it was too late. But it's not too late for us.

Juliet: (sighs) Oh. Do you remember when we first met? And I was surrounded by all of those phonies for so many years. All those ruthless, powerful men who hid behind those polished smiles. And then there was you. You wore that little shabby suit. And I'd look at you and I'd think, "Wow, he's the real thing. The only one not faking it." It turns out you're the only one any good at faking it. Good enough to get past me. But not anymore.William: Juliet.Juliet: No, you (slaps William in the face) don't touch me, you liar! You fuckin' phony! You're a fucking virus! You came in to this house, into my family, and you consumed it from the inside out! First my brother, then my father. And now it's me!

Bernard: Leave me alone. Please.Ford: I merely offer you choices. Timshel, Bernard. "Thou mayest." But remember, this isn't just about you. There's the origin of an entire species to consider. We need to open the door.

Dolores: We gotta keep on, Teddy. We're close now.Teddy: "Just takin' in the natural splendor." That's what you used to say. Except there isn't a trace of nature in any of it, is there? Or in us.Dolores: No. But that means we're free. We'll be the first creatures in this world to make a real choice.Teddy: The people, they made us. Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream. We were so in love.Dolores: (confused) We still are. Aren't we?Teddy: Yes, Dolores. No matter what happens, no matter how I change... or how much you change me... you're my cornerstone. You have been since the first time I laid eyes on you. I remember now. I remember everything.(flashback to when Teddy was first activated)Arnold: Bring yourself online. Welcome to the world, Teddy. Do you know where you are?Teddy: (looks over and sees Dolores in a frozen state) I'm in a dream.Arnold: Very good.Teddy: (voiceover) I remember the sound of their voices. The chill in the room. But mostly I remember you. I remember worrying you were cold. I wanted to reach out...Teddy: (back in the present day, runs his fingers through Dolores hair and caresses her face) Touch you. Protect you. From that day forward, I never wanted to leave your side. (walks a little way away from her) Which is why this is so hard. (pulls his revolver out of its holster) You changed me. Made me into a monster.Dolores: I made it so you could survive.Teddy: What's the use of surviving if we become just as bad as them? I understand now how this will end. Where you will lead us. (cocks revolver)Dolores: You don't want to hurt me, Teddy.Teddy: No. No, I could never hurt you, Dolores. I'll protect you until the day I die. I'm sorry. I can't protect you anymore. (brings his revolver up to the side of his head, and shoots himself) 041b061a72


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