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Download GI Joe 2 Movie In Hindi ~UPD~

The National Snow and Ice Data Center is peppered with questions from the media: What do your experts work on? Do you have a scientist who can talk in an easy-to-understand way about sea ice? What's going on with the world's ice? How do your scientists come across in a radio broadcast or on camera? Journalists want a quick, to-the-point answer. Although NSIDC's online offerings are vast, members of the press don't have the time to wade through hundreds of pages of content to find what they need. On the other hand, NSIDC's single-woman press department struggles to provide individualized ideas for each journalist who calls. What could we offer journalists that would quickly answer many of their questions, while saving the journalist, the public information officer, and the scientists time? In response to this question, NSIDC expanded our online offerings to include a brief QuickTime movie covering what our scientists do, what they're finding out about the changing ice on our planet, and what they're like on camera. The movie is specific enough to provide interested journalists with the information they need about our expertise; we also realized that the movie's content is general enough for the teachers and general public who visit our online Education Center in hopes of learning more about our planet's ice. This presentation will cover the basics in developing a simple QuickTime movie from idea through the finished product: tracking down a video camera, developing a storyboard, conducting interviews, editing the clips into the final product, and getting it into the hands of the intended audience.

Download GI Joe 2 Movie In Hindi

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The Carnegie Science Academy is a professional society "For Teens...By Teens" at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. The CSA Web Site [ ] is designed for teens who have an interest in science and technology. This online or virtual science academy provides resources for teens in high school science classes. The Web site also allows students around the world to participate and communicate with other students, discuss current events in science, share opinions, find answers to questions, or make online friends. Visitors can enjoy the main components of the site or sign up for a free membership which allows access to our chat room for monthly meeting, online newsletter, members forum, and much more. Main components to the site include a spot for cool links and downloads, available for any visitor to download or view. Online exhibits are created by students to examine and publish an area of study and also allow teachers to easily post classroom activities as exhibits by submitting pictures and text. Random Access, the interactive part of the academy, allows users to share ideas and opinions. Planet CSA focuses on current events in science and the academy. In the future the CSA Web site will become a major resource for teens and science teachers providing materials that will allow students to further enhance their interest and experiences in science.

Americans are increasingly turning to the Internet as a source of health care information. These online resources should be written at a level readily understood by the average American. This study evaluates the readability of online patient education information available from the American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) professional Web site using 7 different assessment tools that analyze the materials for reading ease and grade level of its target audience. Analysis of Internet-based patient education material from the AAO-HNSF Web site. Online patient education material from the AAO-HNSF was downloaded in January 2012 and assessed for level of readability using the Flesch Reading Ease, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, SMOG grading, Coleman-Liau Index, Gunning-Fog Index, Raygor Readability Estimate graph, and Fry Readability graph. The text from each subsection was pasted as plain text into Microsoft Word document, and each subsection was subjected to readability analysis using the software package Readability Studio Professional Edition Version 2012.1. All health care education material assessed is written between an 11th grade and graduate reading level and is considered "difficult to read" by the assessment scales. Online patient education materials on the AAO-HNSF Web site are written above the recommended 6th grade level and may need to be revised to make them more easily understood by a broader audience.

Oasis is a web application that allows for the fast and flexible online analysis of small-RNA-seq (sRNA-seq) data. It was designed for the end user in the lab, providing an easy-to-use web frontend including video tutorials, demo data and best practice step-by-step guidelines on how to analyze sRNA-seq data. Oasis' exclusive selling points are a differential expression module that allows for the multivariate analysis of samples, a classification module for robust biomarker detection and an advanced programming interface that supports the batch submission of jobs. Both modules include the analysis of novel miRNAs, miRNA targets and functional analyses including GO and pathway enrichment. Oasis generates downloadable interactive web reports for easy visualization, exploration and analysis of data on a local system. Finally, Oasis' modular workflow enables for the rapid (re-) analysis of data. Oasis is implemented in Python, R, Java, PHP, C++ and JavaScript. It is freely available at Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press.


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