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[S4E3] I Walk Away \/\/FREE\\\\

Zooming toward the veterinary hospital, Daryl fiddles with the radio and happens upon a voice. Distracted by the realization that someone else is still out there, he fails to notice the obstacle course of walkers that has appeared on the road and gets the car hung up on a pile of fallen dead, their brains and fluids making a slippery crimson mass on which the tires spin and spin.

[S4E3] I Walk Away

Carol notices that they are low on water and informs Rick about it, with the two agreeing to clean the cistern the next day. Rick cautiously approaches Tyreese to comfort him and apologize for his actions, but Tyreese is still frustrated with Rick's inaction and walks off. Maggie Greene tearfully reports Glenn's illness to her sister Beth, who assures her sister that they have jobs to do, as their father always says. Hershel, with the help of Carl Grimes, retrieves elderberries to make tea to act as a remedy for the sick. The two encounter two harmless walkers; Hershel advises Carl not to kill them, as it is unnecessary. Tyreese, after guarding the infected survivors from Karen's killer, bids farewell to a sick Sasha and leaves with Daryl's group to get the medicine. He tells Carol, who offers him condolences, to watch over Sasha for him, but after he leaves, Carol breaks down in tears.

Maggie sees her father approaching the quarantined zone, and chastises him about possible exposure, with support from Rick. Hershel counters by saying that they always risk their lives every day: the only thing they can do now is decide what they are risking it for, with his being his ability to save the lives of the infected. Rick investigates the murder scene, and notices a bloody hand print. While driving to the college, Daryl talks to Michonne about hunting for The Governor when they suddenly hear a voice over the car radio repeating the words "Sanctuary... those who arrive...survive..." A distracted Daryl drives into a horde of walkers, forcing the group to leave their vehicle, except for a morose Tyreese. Tyreese eventually snaps out of it, but is overwhelmed by the walkers, forcing the remaining three to leave him. However, he miraculously survives the swarm and regroups with the others.

After Rick rescues Carol, who had recklessly gone out of the prison to clean the pump on her own, from walkers, Rick tells Carol that he has noticed how far she is willing to go to protect the group of survivors. He then asks her if she killed Karen and David. After a brief pause, she responds with a simple "yes," and then walks away silently.

After leaving Percy's mother, Ambrose visited Caroline, a former roommate of Percy's. A flashback (a common feature in The Sinner) showed the girls out clubbing, marking Percy's first night out on the mainland. On the drunken walk home, Percy told her new housemate, she felt "cursed."

So with only one more installment to go in this abbreviated season, how do you see things working out? Will Gillian sell up and move on? Is the John-Judith-Caroline triangle for real or will the ever-practical Caroline walk away from them both? And what of Celia and Alan? Will their love survive this rough patch or were they really just star-crossed from the start? Let the chatting begin!

Glenn suggests to Hershel that, with Karen and David dead, the infection may have been cured after all. Sasha suddenly leaves C-Block, coughing violently. She assures Hershel that she will go to A-Block - where all the sick people are being isolated - to see Dr. S, who is revealed to be sick as well. At the meeting the following morning, the council eventually reach the consensus that they need antibiotics in order to start the treatment. Hershel mentions that there is an animal hospital facility that may have what they need and may have been overlooked by scavengers, however it's 50-miles away. Glenn starts to show symptoms of the flu.

Outside, Carol is pumping the water, pointing out to Rick that the pump's intake hose, which is outside the fence, is sucking up mud. They agree that the next day they will go outside the perimeter to fix it. She suggests to Rick that he should talk to Tyreese, before heading back to the prison. Rick cautiously approaches Tyreese who is finishing the graves. He says that he's sorry for everything that happened. Tyreese congenially admits that there was wrong-doing on all sides. Rick then proceeds to ask him if Karen and David had any enemies or anyone who had a big problem with them. Tyreese fiercely denies this and then walks off, criticizing Rick for spending the day "looking at water pumps" instead of trying to find the murderer.

In the office block, Hershel decides to go into the woods, hoping to find elderberries to treat the patients. After a tense moment with Carl, who insists that he go along with Hershel, they reach an agreement wherein Carl goes out with him. Outside, Hershel comments that he'd be good without him, and remarks how peaceful it is out there. How safe is out there compared to the Prison. Carl disagrees, pointing out to a nearby, severely-decomposed walker, and soon one more shows up with an animal trap clamped to its leg. Carl prepares to shoot it, but Hershel stops him and tells him that he doesn't need to. Carl realizes that Hershel was correct and they leave the place with the elderberries, with Carl remarking how peaceful it was.

Rick goes to the Tombs and investigates the courtyard. He examines the blood trail and takes a closer look at the door. There is a bloody handprint on the door and Rick compares the print with his own hand. He notices that it is relatively small, compared to his own. This implies that the killer may have been female. Rick sighs and glances away.

While driving towards the hospital for the supply run, the group hears a faint voice over the car radio repeating the word "Sanctuary...Sanctuary...survive..." Daryl is distracted by it, causing him to swerve several times and hit a few walkers on the road. He stops the car, shocked at the massive herd of thousands of walkers between them and their destination. Daryl drives in reverse and runs over several more walkers, which pile up under the car, lifting the rear wheels and completely immobilizing it. The rear tires spin, splattering blood and gore onto the side panels, forcing them to abandon the car. Daryl, Michonne and Bob make it out and hold their own, but Tyreese stays behind, seemingly in a stupor. Bob's yelling eventually snaps him out of it, and Tyreese storms out of the car. In a rage, he ferociously begins to kill the walkers that are quickly surrounding him, yelling for the others to go, as he is surrounded. After running in the woods for a while, the group stops to rest. They notice movement in the bushes. Tyreese emerges, covered in walker guts and blood, but alive and unscathed. They keep moving, as the walkers chase after them.

Outside, Carol sets up a noise-making distraction machine for the walkers while she sneaks outside the fence to fix the clogged water intake hose. Several walkers emerge from the forest behind Carol, while at the same time, a few of the walkers at the fence turn their attention towards her, leaving her no clear escape. Rick notices this and runs towards her. Carol hurriedly attempts to finish, but drops the fitting into the pond. Rick comes to her aid just in time. They both run back towards the fences and make it back inside. Rick tells her that they agreed to fix the hose tomorrow. "We don't know if we'll get a tomorrow", Carol replies. Rick later confronts Carol in the courtyard, calling her actions from earlier 'moronic'. Carol halfheartedly agrees. As she begins walking away, Rick asks Carol if there's anything that she wouldn't do for the group. After she responds "no", he asks her if she killed Karen and David: After a moment, she replies calmly with a simple "yes."

Remember how shocked everyone was when Shane left Otis to die so that he could get away? Remember how that symbolized Shane's loss of humanity? Thinking about that, focus on the fact that Carol brutally killed and burned Karen and David (and she didn't even have the decency to shave her hair afterward and then grunt a whole bunch). Carol has taken her survival ques from the Book of Shane, and then upped the ante dramatically. She is thinking about survival on such a cold robotic level, that it makes HAL look empathetic. On the other hand, Carol still cares. More so than anyone, her breakdown after sending Lizzie/Sophia 2 into the sick room was devastating and touching. It made me feel sadness for a character whose name I had forgotten several times because Lizzie's plight made Carol miserable. Carol's emotions are all over the place and it serves to make Carol's transition from a background player to anti-hero seem natural. It is to the credit of Melissa McBride that Carol's admission of guilt didn't seem like a cheap M. Night Shyamalan-esque plot twist. Her actions make perfect sense for the psyche of the character and the decision to have Carol be the killer doesn't feel forced.

In a meeting, the staff appear to be unusually engaged in listening to Michael's absurd ramblings. But in a talking head interview, Jim reveals that they're actually watching the television screen next to Michael, which is showing a DVD screensaver logo bouncing around. They are intently watching to see if the logo ever bounces directly into the corner of the screen, and their audible reactions (which Michael misinterprets as responses to the things he's saying) come as the logo just misses. Eventually the logo does bounce into the corner, and everyone erupts in celebration. The employees then stand up and walk out abruptly. Michael, still obliviously thinking the adulation is meant for him, says in interview that "Some days I am just on fire!"

At the sound of breaking glass, the attacker kicks down the bathroom door. The mirror is intact and the bathroom is empty. The attacker sees a broken window and a smear of blood on the balcony outside. Sean is sprinting down the street, away from this psycho. 041b061a72


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