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Download Adobe Reader For Mac Os X 10.8 5

Yes, I understand the best practice is to re-download the new installers.Give your readers a heads up and save them some time.If you have previously downloaded and saved the installer on a different partition or external hard drive, unmount them before downloading. If you don't, the download does not appear in Applications because somehow it knows you have it stored elsewhere. Just lost 2 hours as a result of this. 1st one failed, unmounted the partitions and externals, 2nd attempt successful.Thanks

Download Adobe Reader For Mac Os X 10.8 5

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For unknown reason Firefox 17.0.1 has stopped downloading pdf's. This was happening before upgrading to 17.0.1, and before upgrading to Mac OS 10.8.3 from 10.7.4. In order to get pdf's printed, I have to copy the links and download them on another browser, such as Safari. On the other hand, browsing with Safari alone won't work because it messes up the various websites' formats, and becomes unreadable. Firefox will also have this problem occasionally, but usually not.


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