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[New Release] Human Resource Management By K Aswathappa Free __LINK__ Pdf

This is an excellent open-source text for use in any business course with a focus on human resources as an occupation or a function. Student reception of the text was in the affirmative for courses Strategic Staffing and Principles of more

[New release] human resource management by k aswathappa free pdf

This is an excellent open-source text for use in any business course with a focus on human resources as an occupation or a function. Student reception of the text was in the affirmative for courses Strategic Staffing and Principles of Human Resource Management.

The topics covered by the book are comprehensive and reflect the areas an HR manager would deal with on a daily basis. The book begins with a very good overview of human resources with sets the stage for the information to follow. It is more

The topics covered by the book are comprehensive and reflect the areas an HR manager would deal with on a daily basis. The book begins with a very good overview of human resources with sets the stage for the information to follow. It is well organized and the Key-Takeaways will be very helpful for students as well as the way the important vocabulary is called out in bold.

The content is accurate, error-free and unbiased. It provides a good foundational knowledge for those seeking an introduction to human resource management and development. It does need to be updated with present day statistics. It does indicated that it was updated in 2016, however most of the references were from 2010 or 2011 or earlier. In addition, I would recommend a more robust group of references to deepen the content presented.

The general content covered is good and relevant to a person learning about the basics of human resource management. It hits the major functional areas if HR that I am teaching in an Introduction to HR type of class. Much of the data presented is coming from statistics gathered in 2011 or earlier. In addition there are topics where significant changes have been made since 2011, such as web-based training delivery platforms, employment law, challenges of labor unions and examples shared related to sexual orientation. That being said it is tough to keep this information up to date. There are many areas that are presented that would be very helpful to student with no background in human resource management such as the introduction of a SWOT analysis and then the practical example that follows and the forms presented such as in the section on job analysis

This textbook provides a solid foundation in human resource management and development. I would consider adopting it for my class if the information was updated and brought into present day terminology and issues/challenges. I love the organization, key takeaways and may of the exercises. I also appreciate the cases and the connection between many of the concepts to practical workplace examples.

This textbook addresses a wide range of important topics relevant to human resource management today. The text covers most of the key areas that should be considered in an undergraduate course on human resource management. Strengths of the more

The content of the text is accurate and relatively free from error. The text does a good job of providing sources for most information. However, I would recommend inclusion of more rigorous, academic sources to complement the existing professional sources referenced throughout the text. Several of the URLs and links provided throughout the text are broken and need updated. Human resource management changes so frequently and any textbook on the subject must also be updated frequently, as discussed below.

The text is well written with regard to clarity. Human resource management is a complex subject matter, yet the text does a very good job of addressing difficult topics in a clear, easy to understand manner. It provides the perfect balance of informal and technical language.

Overall, this open textbook on Human Resource Management is a good open textbook that is a viable alternative to expensive big-publisher textbooks on the subject matter for an undergraduate class. While the textbook is not perfect (and no textbook is), I support adoption of this open textbook for undergraduate human resource management courses facilitated by a human resource management professional who can supplement the text with updated materials and cases to give students a relevant and current overview of the human resource management field.

The book covers a wide variety of topics related to human resources management.There is 1 brief mention of analytics for candidate sourcing, but much more discussion of HR analytics is needed in order to bring this forward to present day. more

The author writes, "this book is equally important to someone who wants to be an HR manager and to someone who will manage a business," but for the most part this book assumes that the reader is a student looking to begin a career as an HR manager. All of the information and cases put the reader in the role of an HR manager or consultant. For example, in chapter 1, "You have just been hired to work in the human resource department of a small company. You heard about the job through a conference you attended, put on by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)." Why would anyone not already pursuing a career in HRM attend a SHRM conference?

The book was primarily written to the potential HR Manager. I prefer a perspective that speaks to any potential/future manager in a way that holds each accountable for managing human resources, not looking to a formal HR Manager to do so. Sections on how to develop an HRM Plan, for example, would not be relevant to managers of other functions, even though the tasks in the HRM Plan might represent valuable work for any manager to perform.

The book includes all of the major HR functional areas and topics included in most HRM textbooks. To their credit, the author choose to include several additional sections (such as communication, management & leadership styles, and multiculturalism) that are not found in traditional HRM texts. There have been several key legislative changes which have impacted the field of HRM since the text's last update. Discussions surrounding the Affordable Care Act and recent changes to the FLSA should be added to subsequent releases. I was not able to locate an index or glossary per se, however, a list of references is provided at the end of each major topic.

This book delivered what the author promised---a textbook that is practitioner focused. Human resource management is a course that needs a "how to" approach as well as a conceptual approach so that students can see how to perform tasks. I have used and read several HRM textbooks--this one is the most useful I have found. For example, the author described for students how to design training programs and how to make relevant. The author gave examples of types of issues that might be causing performance issues--this is particularly useful for students who have not been in management positions. These types of examples places the content into context. The author described how to design a performance appraisal system and how to write job descriptions. The author described practical examples of theory--for example instead of stating what a Theory X manager might do, the author gave an example. The "how to" approach and designing the textbook for the HRM practitioner is what makes this HRM textbook unique. The cases, scenarios, team activities, and video examples are what students need to make the concepts come to life.

Most students will be managing people at some point in their careers and not necessarily in a human resource management capacity. As businesses cut back, they may outsource HR duties to outside vendors. Or, in smaller businesses, the HR department is sometimes small or non-existent, and managers from other departments have to perform their own HRM. Therefore, teaching HRM from the perspective of a general manager, in addition to an HR manager, provides more relevance to students' careers and will give them a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Human resource management involves creating personnel policies and procedures that support business objectives and strategic plans. Central to this mission is fostering a culture that reflects core values and empowers employees to be as productive as possible.

HR functions can vary depending on industry, businesses size and the types of workers employed. In most cases, the primary objectives are to acquire and cultivate talent and improve communication and cooperation among workforce members. Other key human resource management functions include:

While human resource management is important to all businesses, the stakes may be higher for smaller organizations. For example, one incompetent employee in an office of 10 people can be much more detrimental than one in a workforce numbering in the thousands. To improve their people processes, small business owners generally can:

Human resource management is the strategic approach to nurturing and supporting employees and ensuring a positive workplace environment. Its functions vary across different businesses and industries, but typically include recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and development, and employee relations.

Raymond A. Noe received his B.S. in psychology from Ohio State University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University. He is the Robert and Anne Hoyt Designated Professor of Management at the Ohio State University. Dr. Noe conducts research and teaches students in human resource management, managerial skills, quantitative methods, human resource information systems, training, employee development, performance management, and organizational behavior. He has published more than 70 articles and invited chapters and has authored, coauthored, or edited seven books covering training and development. Dr. Noe has received awards for teaching and research excellence, including the Ernest J. McCormick Award for Distinguished Early Career Contribution from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and is a fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association.


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