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Lest You Forget Caribbean Economy And Slavery Pdf Download NEW!

The authors of southern slaves and northern abolitionists can gain much from reading a book with such intriguing subject matter. Perhaps the best thing about it though is the history comes alive through a succession of vivid characters. Trudels telling of slave-owning planters in late-18th-century St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana and East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana retains their flavor. Lest you forget, some of these Louisiana planters had ties to England, America, and the Caribbean. Likewise, this book highlights southern slavery as it existed in parts of New England, the upper Midwest, and the agricultural regions of the Northern Neck and Tidewater Virginia. More to the point, Trudel has something to say about slavery in New Orleans and New York City, linking the acts and lives of New Orleans slaveholders and the enslaved to those of New York merchants and politically influential abolitionists.

lest you forget caribbean economy and slavery pdf download

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The book comes alive through a series of chapters, each dedicated to a famous and influential figure in the abolitionist movement. In their excellent introduction, the authors write that these chapters will challenge readers to see the southern slave economy and slavery in a new light. To be sure, all would agree that they do just that. Yet southern slaves and northern abolitionists also has the potential to change the way we see slavery. By realizing that most abolitionists were former slaveholders, the authors make the condition and conditionality of human lives that too many writers have portrayed as automations and commodities of the slavery system suddenly appear less surprising, more human, and even more tragic. That is one southern slaves and northern abolitionists achievement.


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