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AULA F805 Gaming Mouse (How to set up) - YouTube

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File name: auIakillingthesoulmouse.exe Version: 1.4.8 File size: 11.193 MB Upload source: original install disk Antivirus software passed: Symantec Download Driver (click above to download).

aula mouse driver download

Download File:

My gaming mouse, Aula H512, currently working fine but only with the default function of all the keys. Since this is a programmable mouse, is there any way I can download the software to change the key functions? or even sensitivity?

A cable gaming mouse is one of the most convenient and ergonomic features to it. For additionally, a wireless gaming mouse driver is one of the latest features in a market of gaming mouse drivers. The high quality gaming mouse available is, regardless of the gaming style, it allows your customers to adjust the game patterns, color, design, and other patterns of the mouse. For gaming, of higher, quality gaming mouse available with features its built-in gaming mouse drivers and allows users to adjust the color and light of any game.

Hi Buffetcat,I deleted the comment above because I managed to find the software. Please let me know how I can help pass it to you by either contacting me via Facebook Messenger or any other preferred method. I have Twitter too but DMs may not reach me.The other thing I did was write to Aula and ask them if they would reupload the driver to their new website. If they do reply and do reupload it, I will change the link on this blogpost.IF they do not reply in a month's time, I'll upload it somewhere and provide a download link for anyone who may get stuck on the same issue. :)cheers


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