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Tp-link Tl-wr340gd V5 Firmware 36 _VERIFIED_

tp- link tl- wr340g firmware update posted by vyacheslav 19. enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. el manual de instrucciones del dispositivo tp- link tl- wr340g, cómo debería ser? 5/ 2/ 1mbps data transfer rates. download for tl- wr340g v5.

tp-link tl-wr340gd v5 firmware 36

I have a micronet access point outdoor device.i am sick and tired of this device.i want to overwrite tplink 510g firmware on this possible,,,i am a begineer to this stuff.. kindly help

What is inside your micronet? I mean chipset and all other hardware. Good internal photos will be very helpfull. And it is not clear for me. Are you already run tplink firmware on it and want to flash Openwrt on it?

Hi Thanks for your be pricise its board is some what like mentioned in page 4 photo.Actually when i had purchased from the vendor,it was edimax pcba but mirconet firmware was loaded on it.Out of few i had purchased i updated 1 with edimax firmware as per version and model number printed on it.I was sucessful.But when i tried updating it with tplink 501g firware it gives an error as invalid file format.My question is being it was orginal edimax pcba,it had firmware of micronet.. that means overwriting another firmware is possible.As you mentioned i want to flast openwrt on it.. yes i want to know how to do so.Pls help.

Hello Baron,technically speaking i am jst a beginner to this stuff.i cant tell the chips and memory and flashchips on it.Bt if you want a photo you can view page number 4 of this forum.The pcb photo shown on it is some what the same.Can you guess upon it.Can you guide me the process to flash new firmware of tplink 501g on it.Thanks

Well I'am not intrested on Tp-Links firmware. More likely I would be intrested in Micronet firmware. Could you tell me where I can download a firmware for you micronet device which you said looks like that PCB on page number 4.

wht is redboot and how can i know that the pcb have redbot on it.Well i can upgrade micronet firmware on micronet pcb.As discussed earlier,i want to flash tplink firmware on mircnet pcb.How do i flash new firmware ?

Well, playing along with a hardware that you don't know anything about, flashing with 3rd party, other producers firmware might be riski. You can brick your device to unrecoverable point if specyfication, bootloader, memory configuration do not match from source to copy.

Hello, sorry to reactivate a very old thread... Well, im curious about the WA500G firmware running on a WR340G... I've tryied to get a backup of the SPI flash, but SPIPGM fails (I have to add some buffers). However, I would like to flash directly the WA500G firmware, because I've readed that xssa mentioned "WA500G firmware runs natively on WR340G". Of course, that needs some header tweaks of the new firmware. Anyone knows how to do that? I've compared 2 o 3 firmwares (.bin from TP-LINK website) and I can't get a header structure.Also, I want to add, that I have the following data:Firmware running by default:4.7.7 Build 100825 Rel.65237nAnd what the firmware says about the board:WR340G v5 0815311C

Update - new Tplink firmwars have changed firmware tags and they support newer hardware versions (v3.1 on back stiker, with Atheros ar8236 switch chip instead on Marvel one on older versions, v2.24 in sticker) So you can not downgrade this newer firmwares with older ones, and they even remove them from their official support page. Vxkiller image also does not support this ar8236 chip found in this new hw versions - LAN/WAN ports will not work. For the same reason modified Tl-WA500 firmware will not work on this newer hardware. But there is solution for those who have older hardware with newer firmware - you can downgrade fw with special image and then go as usual. Mail me who are interested in.

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