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Decision To Leave WORK

Hae-Jun confronts Seo-Rae at the mountain her grandfather left her. She reaches Hae-Jun at the edge of the mountain and hugs him. Seo-Rae reveals that she kept the phone with incriminating evidence from Ki's case and proposes that he use it as a way to "reinvestigate" her. They kiss passionately. Jung-An leaves Hae-Jun when he returns home, suspecting his affair.

Decision to Leave

Even for fans of Park's bloodied early-aughts classic Oldboy or his spectacularly twisted 2016 romantic melodrama The Handmaiden, Decision to Leave is a trip: a chimera of tangents and misdirections and strange, beguiling beauty. (It's also wildly well-acted, gorgeously shot, and intermittently very funny.) In a just world, there would at least be Oscar nods for direction, Ji-yong Kim's killer cinematography, and the phenomenal, unpinnable performance of Chinese-born actress Tang (Lust, Caution). Instead, the Academy decided to leave it.

Methods: The authors employed a series of scales informed by the turnover theory (which predicts intent to leave an organization), previously validated and used in business and engineering studies, but rarely used in academic medicine. The authors proposed and tested a multiple regression model to assess predictors (role strain, work-life balance, and organizational climate) for three outcome variables: seeking promotion, seeking leadership, and intent to leave.

Results: Survey results from 614 faculty members indicated that gender significantly influenced both promotion and leadership seeking, but not intent to leave. Perceived work-family conflict was negatively correlated with leadership seeking for women, but not for men. Positive views of organizational support and commitment were associated with promotion seeking and persistence for all participants. Role strain was positively correlated with desire for promotion and leadership, as well as with intent to leave.

Decision to Leave follows Detective Jang Hae-jun (Park Hae-il) as he investigates a suspected murderer in an overlooked suicide case. This gripping crime thriller slowly morphs into a soppy romantic comedy as the detective eventually develops a relationship with the suspected Song Seo-rae (Tang Wei), a clever housewife with a knack for dead husbands. Through this unique blend of genres, Park creates a story that is unbound by conventions and ultimately leaves the audience yearning for more explanation. 041b061a72


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