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Facebook Account Was Suspended [NEW]

Facebook suspends users' accounts for various reasons, including suspicious login activity that appears to indicate unauthorized access or a computer malware infection, use of a false name or of a personal account rather than a business page for business promotion, or violations of the site's rules and regulations. In most cases, you can regain access to your account in a few hours or a day, provided you complete one or more of a sequence of security procedures successfully.

facebook account was suspended

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Facebook requires that you verify your full name and upload a JPEG file that shows a scan or photo of a government-issued ID. Facebook uses the ID to confirm your real name and date of birth, two pieces of information that the service requires you to use as identifying information on your account. Your name can't include professional titles, numbers, symbols or off-color verbiage. You can use a nickname in place of your real first or middle name if the nickname serves as a form of your real name, such as Jeff for Jeffrey. Facebook accepts any government ID that shows both your name and birth date. You also can use two alternate forms of ID, including utility bills, medical records, pay stubs, library cards and bank statements, so long as the combination of the documents you upload verifies your name and birth date. You can obscure other pieces of information on the documents you provide, so long as the two critical data points remain visible and readable.

Like many online account sources, Facebook offers you the opportunity to create a security question and answer you can use to verify who you are. After you select it, you can't change it, so choose something you can remember easily but that others can't guess easily. This identity check can substitute for a step that involves providing an alternate email address and the password for that account as a means of regaining access to a suspended Facebook account. If you can't remember the answer to the question, you can call the friends you listed as trusted contacts on your account and provide them with a Web address they can visit to obtain a security code for you. You can add between three and five trusted contacts to your Facebook account.

In some cases, Facebook suspends an account because it detects a pattern of activity that correlates with a malware infection on the user's computer. In partnership with the anti-malware software company McAfee, Facebook provides an online scan-and-cleanup operation that it may require you to complete before it allows you to regain access to your account. Facebook estimates the process requires an hour and provides the service at no charge. The scan does not affect or access personal information on your computer.

Over time there has been a visible increase in the suspension of Facebook accounts; the reason being suspicious and banned activities. If you are bearing the brunt of Facebook suspension and looking for guidance, I am here to help you.

Facebook suspends your account whenever it notices something suspicious. Suspicious is a broad term and covers everything from hacking attempts, suspicions of harassment to misrepresenting someone. So you can never realize if it was you or someone else who got your account suspended.

However, when you will try to access your account, you will be notified of the suspension as shown in the image below, and what recovery steps are available. Suspending accounts is a security precaution taken by Facebook so that no further damage can be caused to your account.

Often known as Facebook Jail, temporarily blocking means you are not allowed to perform certain actions such as posting, commenting, or liking photos or status on Facebook owing to your inappropriate behavior. You will receive a message from Facebook that will look similar to the one in the image below. You can easily remove the temporary lock of your Facebook account by following some simple steps.

Facebook suspension is directed by the rules that you have violated whether major or minor. Some of the common causes for which you can face a suspended FB account have been listed below for reference:

It depends on the reasons for which your account has been suspended that you may or may not receive a notification from Facebook. However, you will soon realize that Facebook has suspended your account by making an unsuccessful login attempt. Also, you may be informed about the steps you have to take to undo suspension and why it happened.

Luckily, different ways are available using which you can recover your FB account after it has been suspended. You can file an appeal to Facebook about suspension and request them to grant the access. Here are the recovery methods that you can try:

This has to be done in both cases whether your account has been disabled or suspended. You may be required to enter your phone number, birth date and update your profile to confirm that you are the real account holder. Also, in some cases, photo identification is mandatory. For verification, you may be required to upload a photo of a government-issued ID so that Facebook can verify your real name and date of birth. The documents that you can upload for verification purposes include utility bills, medical records, library cards, and bank statements, or something official that has your name and birth date.

Facebook also conducts a photo security check where you are shown certain images from your uploads and you will be asked to identify who is there in the pictures. If you identified all the images correctly, you will be easily able to access your account back. If you are unable to pass the photo security check on the first attempt, wait for a few hours before you go for another attempt.

Ans: Facebook account gets suspended as a security measure when there is doubt of suspicious activity due to which you will no longer be able to access your account till the time you verify your identity.

Ans: Facebook suspension can last for 1 to 90 days depending on the severity of the violation. If you can prove your identity, you may get the access back to your account within 24 hours. It is also possible that you may not receive any reply from Facebook leading to a forever ban on your account.

Facebook says it is setting new rules for public figures in times of civil unrest and violence, "to be applied in exceptional cases such as this." Trump has received the maximum penalty under those rules, "given the gravity of the circumstances" leading to his suspension. Because the company took his Facebook and Instagram accounts down on Jan. 7, the two-year suspension will last until at least Jan. 7, 2023.

In its response to the board's recommendations, Facebook said it would be more clear about how it enforces rules for all users. It's making public its system of "strikes" and penalties for accounts that break the rules and explaining how it reviews posts by high-profile "public figures."

From your side, you probably think that you haven't posted any offensive material that caused your Facebook ad account's suspension. However, this decision is ultimately taken by a machine with a specific algorithm. So what do you do if your Facebook ads account is suspended?

If you have posted something that violated Facebook's ad policies, then you should go back and review your ads. It could be adding sensitive information without references. Or maybe there is a copyright issue on particular material that you used in the ads. Whatever the cause may be, you will have to remedy it before you can take steps to recover your account.

The first way to reinstate your suspended account is to send Facebook an email with an appeal. It should be detailed enough to show that you understand what went wrong. You should also make it clear that you know their policies for advertising. If Facebook sees that you have taken steps to remove any offensive content, it increases your account recovery chances.

Walk them through the issue that you are facing with your account. You should get more information from the support center to detail your account suspension in the first place. If you are lucky, you may even get your account back the same day.

Under the information section, you should include details, such as your account ID. You should also have information regarding the suspension, whether it was a mistake or your account was wrongfully suspended. While this process might take some time, you can expect your account to e restored once Facebook reviews your appeal.

As a business owner, you can't wait for Facebook to review your account while your ads are suspended. There are many other platforms that you can use to generate customers in the meanwhile. While it will take some time to set up a different ad campaign, you should always have a backup just in case.

Getting your Facebook ads to account suspended will impact your advertising campaign and reduce your revenue. To prevent any future suspensions, you should take care to follow Facebook's advertisement guidelines. You can't include specific topics in your ads and particular language that could be offensive.

The latest phishing attempt to acquire Facebook accounts is gaining traction. Copyright violations are being threatened in mass e-mails to users, like the one we received below. The goal is to steal the login credentials of the users. In this blog, we explain how the new technique works and how to avoid falling for it.

The scammer will request sensitive information such as login passwords. Scammers/hackers will get their hands on the information you provide. As a result, they have access to both your Facebook account and your fan pages. They could even utilize the data for other schemes, such as identity theft.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has taken a much tougher stance on health misinformation than it has in the past, removing millions of posts for sharing misinformation. Now, we know just how many accounts, groups and pages have been banned from the platform for repeatedly breaking those rules: 3,000.


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